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Timber frame insulation and stud wall insulation companies for new build, barn conversions, homes and commercial buildings are listed in our directory. Find timber frame insulation installers by selecting your area from the list below.


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Timber Frame and Stud Wall Insulation     

A standard stud wall is sprayed or filled with insulation material, which is then covered with a vapour control layer and plasterboard. This is a quick and low cost insulation method, suitable for both external and partition walls.

Sustainable, green insulation materials such as recycled newspaper or natural sheep wool insulation are ideal for use in this type of construction. These are also used as environmentally friendly loft insulation.    


In addition to insulating timber framed buildings, the installers listed in our directory are also specialists in insulating homes and buildings with solid walls which cannot benefit from traditional cavity wall insulation and those of wooden construction such as log cabins, where breathable insulation material is vital.


Use the drop-down list at the top of this page to find an installer in your part of the UK, or use the timber frame and stud wall insulation geographical index.   



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