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Solid Wall Insulation


Solid wall insulation is an effective way to insulate hard to treat homes and commercial buildings which are unsuitable for cavity wall insulation treatment. Use the drop-down list below to find a external wall insulation installer in your area for a free survey and quotation and for advice on Green Deal funding for solid wall insulation.


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To check if your house has solid walls or cavity walls take a look at our guide.


Solid Wall Insulation     

External solid wall insulation is applied to the outside of buildings, minimising the disruption to the interior of the building. It is generally carried out as part of a refurbishment of a property, particularly where rendering is to be replaced.

Internal solid wall insulation is particularly suited to period properties such as Victorian and older houses, allowing the external appearance of the building to be preserved.


Green Deal funding for solid wall insulation through the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) allows the cost of having the work carried out to be spread over an extended payback period, making it an attractive option for homeowners.


Insulating solid walls is a specialist procedure. For advice and to arrange a survey from solid wall insulation installers in your area using systems including Celotex, Rockwool Rockshield, Knauf Insulation Termoshell and Alsecco Essentials please email details of your property to


Alternatively you can contact an installer directly by selecting your local area from the drop-down box at the top of this page. This which will take you to our directory which list details of solid wall insulation companies in the UK. We work with a network of solid wall insulation contractors who cover London and the South East and throughout England, Scotland and Wales, specialising in solid wall insulation for homes, commercial properties and public buildings.


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