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Spray foam roof insulation has applications throughout the commercial, industrial and domestic insulation sectors. Polyurethane foam is sprayed onto the underside of the tiles, slates or roofing sheets, expanding into any cavities to create a sealed and energy efficient loft space or a 'room in roof'.


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Sprayed Foam Roof Insulation

Our directory lists installers of spray foam insulation throughout the UK. They work with homeowners, architects and commercial contractors to select the most appropriate type of expanding foam insulation for the application. 


They offer advice on the use of either open cell or closed cell foam insulation - open cell foam is more vapour permeable and offers greater sound insulation properties while closed cell foam has greater strength and is able to prevent air leakage.


The residential uses of spray foam include the creation of a room in roof - a clean, dry and usable space in the loft. This is a cost effective way of converting a loft into a living area. Spray foam may also be used to stabilise an old roof, bonding the timbers and tiles together to add structural rigidity. 


Other uses include the insulation of hard to treat timber framed houses which cannot be insulated with standard cavity wall insulation systems. This is normally carried out during renovation of an existing building or during the construction of a new house with a timber frame.


Foam can also be sprayed onto the roof and walls of agricultural buildings, factories, warehouses and other types of commecial buildings to reduce heat loss and also to prevent condensation. Similarly spray foam has uses in boat insulation where the area to be covered is too large for the use of foam kits.


Our directory also includes details of green deal home insulation installers for loft insulation and for cavity wall insulation, with information on the various types of grant funding which are available to homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of their properties.


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