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Cavity wall insulation prices with free surveys and information on Green Deal and Eco funding grants for loft insulation are available through our site.  We can also help with prices for spray foam roof insulation and costs for sound insulation.


Our directory of insulation installers lists UK companies who are specialists in thermal insulation and soundproofing for homes, blocks of flats, schools, offices and all types of commercial buildings.

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Cavity Wall Insulation

Having cavity wall insulation installed is one of the most cost effective energy efficiency improvements that you can make. It can save up to 33% on fuel bills. Cavity wall insulation funding is available to home owners. For more details see our section on costs and grants. We can also help with cavity wall insulation for blocks of flats, offices, schools and village halls.


We can arrange a free insulation survey for you. Our site also provides information on how to tell if your house has cavity or solid walls, on types of cavity wall insulation and a guide to explain the installation procedure for cavity wall insulation.


Loft Insulation

Having adequate loft insulation is also vital for maximising home energy efficiency. The recommended depth for loft insulation is 270mm (10.5 inches) of mineral wool insulation. An additional layer of loft insulation can be added to top up existing insulation bring it up to the current standard.


The installation of loft insulation can usually be completed in around an hour. Cavity wall installations normally take less than half a day.


Loft insulation and cavity wall insulation will pay for themselves in just a few years. Some home owners are able to benefit from home insulation grants. The installers listed on our site will be able to provide more information on funding currently available and also advice on Green Deal insulation and Eco funding.


Solid Wall Insulation

Properties which do not have cavity walls can have solid wall insulation applied. This may be in the form of insulation cladding to the exterior of the building, which is covered by an insulating render, or internal insulation, with panels fitted to the walls within the building. The installers in our directory are able to provide advice on the most appropriate type of solid wall insulation for hard to treat homes.


Sound Insulation and Soundproofing

Sound Insulation and Soundproofing 


Noisy neighbours are a common problem, affecting many homes. Noise can also be a problem within the home or office, particularly from laminate flooring and footsteps on stairs.   


The sound insulation installers listed in our directory will advise you on how noise transmission through your walls, floor and ceiling can be reduced to make your living environment more comfortable through the installation of soundproofing materials.


Spray Foam Insulation

We can also put you in touch with spray foam insulation and roof stabilisation specialists. The polyurethane spray foam sprayed onto roof tiles and slates both strengthens the roof and provides roof insulation. Use our site to find insulation prices and get free surveys and quotations from companies covering your area.


Timber Frame Insulation

With increasing demand for environmentally friendly timber frame insulation we now also have a directory of suppliers and installers of sustainable insulation systems specifically designed for timber framed buildings and for insulating stud walls.


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